Misc Tools

I make tiny tools to improve daily developments. The followings are the some of them.

Cookiecutter Docker Science

Cookiecutter Docker Science is a project template for data science projects which are deployed in Docker containers. This template provide optimal directory structure and a Makefile which provides many useful targets working in Docker containers.


Hideout is also a tiny tool to cache specified objects for data processing projects. Many ML or data engineering codes have many objects to generate take long time. Developers must wait long time to velify the behavior and therefore they do not have enough time to keep code clean. Hideout automatically caches objects and developers run the such codes quickly with cached objects.

pfm a tiny port forward manager

pfm is a tool manage port forward settings. This tool remembers the settings for port forward of working projects in a table. With this tool, users can connect the working machine for the target without typing remote host name and port forward settings.